CMRIMT Welcomes you all

At CMRIMT we try to give our students a unique experience of knowledge acquisition and skills development. Situated as we are in the technology hub of Bangalore, we prepare our students to understand the role of technology in business and train them to harness it in creative ways.

What makes our students so special? Drawn from a wide cross-section of geographical, social and academic backgrounds our students are encouraged to retain their unique selves while at the same time picking up skills to become team players, leaders and versatile, ethical managers. Read more
CMRIMT Welcomes you all


Students at CMRIMT come from varied backgrounds, both from India and abroad. The diversity in the student body brings a great learning experience and a means to exchange ideas and build lasting friendships. Students are encouraged to understand and appreciate divergent views, cultures and beliefs.

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President's Message

CMR will change your outlook towards a management education. Instead of producing a cog in a wheel, our students will graduate as entrepreneurs and socially responsible leaders.
CMRIMT offers substantial need and performance-based Scholarships to deserving students.

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Courses Offered

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Management & Commerce
  • Information Technology
  • Bio-science
  • Humanities
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